Meet Our Team

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager or sales representative with any questions you may have! 

All contact information can be found below:

Mark Adams Agency Principal
Jessica Caputo Lead Sales Representative
Taylor Sullivan Lead Sales Representative
Collin Tucker Lead Sales Representative
Katie Erlandson Insurance Agent
Mike Erlandson Insurance Agent
Carle Sargent Insurance Agent
Kristin Dean Insurance Agent
Chris Fournier Insurance Agent
Dave Flanagan Insurance Agent
Maureen Hyland Office Manager
Traci St. Denis Account Manager
Carol Caputo Account Manager
Connie Palatino Account Manager
Kristin Tarves Account Manager
Lisa Mahan Account Manager
Ann Felton Sales Assistant
Olivia Porter Operations
Lindsey Tobojka Operations Manager
Payton Cometa Business Development


We’re always here to assist you.
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