Hit the Road with Peace of Mind

Just because auto insurance is required doesn’t mean it has to be painful. At BIG we think you deserve an affordable plan that’s personalized for your needs. Talk to a BIG member today to get a quote for auto insurance.

What is Auto Insurance?

There’s no escaping it, accidents can happen when you’re behind the wheel. With Berlin Insurance Group auto insurance, if you get into a fender bender any damage or injury will be covered – for you and for the other guy. No matter who is at fault, we’ll make sure your collision costs are covered.

Insuring Across New England

The Top 3 Reasons to Buy Automobile Insurance:

  1. Mistakes happen – the right coverage will prevent a small problem from becoming a big problem.
  2. It’s a wild world out there. Protect yourself from other drivers without insurance and damage to your personal property.
  3. Sometimes accidents happen. If you cause damage or injury to another person, we’ll make sure everything is taken care of.


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