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Your auto insurance needs are constantly changing depending on factors such as where you live, the drivers on your policy, the type of vehicle you drive, your driving record, etc.  All we need is a copy of your current policy to gather the necessary information needed to shop you with our carriers and review your current coverages. We do all the work and make the process as easy as possible! 

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Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. How do I delete a vehicle from my policy?
A. If you sell your car or take it off the road for any reason, you should return your license plates to the Massachusetts RMV. You can process the plate return online through the RMV at www.massrmv.com. Please forward your plate return receipt to your account manager.
Q. Who should I list as drivers on my policy?
A. Every driver with a license in your household must be include on your auto policy. Any occasional driver that does not live in your household will also need to be listed as well. If you have any questions on who should be listed on your policy, please ask your account manager at Berlin Insurance Group.
Q. Can I get an insurance policy if I have a foreign license?
A. You can purchase an auto insurance policy for up to one year after moving to Massachusetts from another country with only a foreign license. You will need to get a Massachusetts license within the first year of moving to the state or your policy may be non-renewed.
Q. Can I get credit for my driving record from another state or country?
A. To get credit for your our of state driving record, please provide us with a copy of your out of state license and a copy of your driving record from that state or country. Please ensure your driving record is translated and notarized if necessary.
Q. What should I do if I move?
A. Let us know if you move so we are able to update your policy and change your mailing address. You will also need to change your drivers license and vehicle registration at www.massrmv.com. Please note that changing the city or town that you primarily park your vehicle can affect your insurance rating.
Q. What should I do if I move out of state?
A. If you move to another state within New England, please contact us within 30 days to get an updated policy. If you move outside of the New England states, please contact an agent in your new state of residence. Be sure to return your license plates in order to cancel your insurance policy.


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